Affected By Trolls, Samantha Prabhu Ruth Started Questioning Her Sanity


Actress Samantha Prabhu Ruth says a time was there when social media trolling began hurting her stability mentally and making her rush to incorrect decisions. Presently she knows what to anticipate from trolls and doesn’t take it seriously. In an interview that was live on Twitter by Rajeev Masand, Samantha, who has married actor Naga Chaitanya, came out with her decision to stop media supposition on her pregnancy lately.

Samantha said that it definitely did affect her initially, to the point that she was questioning her sanity. She would awaken and the initial thing she would do was verify for trolls.

It was actually hurting her mental stability and making her rush to incorrect decisions. So she doesn’t think she has an explanation or much advice for how she actually got out of a situation as such. Since it only happened with time she thinks now that she is at a point where it is all for fun, where she was just listening along.


Presently she understands that there is going to be trolls even before she posts a tweet or uploads a picture. She added that she now knows what to anticipate from trolls.

When enquired how her life transformed after marriage, she said that she is suddenly carrying this cover of ‘career after marriage’ but she doesn’t know the amount of credit she can really take for it. Films such as Rangasthalam and others were there that she was doing prior to marriage and by chance became exceptional hits.

Hence she cannot really take any merit for this victory to have come after marriage. She believes she is not getting films to the extent she did prior to marriage. However, she thinks that is more because they actually do not know what has to be done with her.

She has done around 45 films in below 10 years. In a 2015 interview, she mentioned that she wanted to leave films. In retrospect of her career, she mentioned that in 2010 when her first film released it became a great success. She did not have time to adapt to the new world. She comes from an extremely humble background; that time was when she had journeyed abroad for the foremost time. Everything was very new.

She was getting lost in a huge industry having all its clicks and this concept of beauty, which indicated how a heroine must look or the way she must behave. Already there were these defined rules and she was finding it difficult to fit in. She was not comfortable being herself. Everything was about fitting in and she was not doing well in being able to deal with the pressure.

On being questioned how she handles insecurities regarding her competition, Samantha said that she supports well-written roles for female characters in the industry. She will be glad to support another heroine and does not have any insecurity as such.