Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Bodyguard Pulls Taser on Would-Be Thief


Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-known for his portrayal of tough guys, cops, and of course, Terminator, in movies. He is also famed for his bodybuilding career, loyalty to fitness and working out. Anyone would think twice about messing with him on the big screen and anyone who has, will always regret it. However, what would happen if someone tried something with Arnie in real life? I’m not sure many people would want to try. One unlucky chap did though, and he soon found out. 

Attempted Robbery

Outside the Gold’s Gym in LA, a man attempted to steal the 71-year-old celeb’s custom-made, fat-tired Felt Outfitter mountain bike. However, he didn’t get very far. As soon as the thief was spotted, Schwarzenegger’s bodyguard pulled out his taser held it on the thief, stopping him dead in his track. While the bodyguard held the thief, who wore a red bandana to cover his face, at taser-point, Schwarzenegger snatched his bike back.


The whole event was caught on film, in which the thief appeared to be arguing with the security guard, even after he pulled out the weapon. Eventually, the guard re-holstered the Taser and it seems as if he let the suspect go. It’s no surprise that the bike was a target for this would-be criminal. Arnold’s souped-up camouflage-patterned bike is valued at $5,500, or around £4,000. 

After he took it back, Schwarzenegger was seen inspecting the bike and was later seen posing for photographs with fans before calmly pedalling away. It seems as if the Terminator actor was barely phased by the incident. The LA were seen to be attending the scene at any point and it seems as if no reports have been filed as of yet. 

A while after the incident took place, Arnold Schwarzenegger was even spotted posing for pictures with fans on his pricey mountain bike. There isn’t much that can stop the terminator from doing what he wants to do. Clearly, a petty thief isn’t going to scare off one of the best action actors of the 20th and 21st century. 

Previous Incident

This isn’t an isolated act, either. It appears as if Arnie has a thing for attracting the crazed and frankly, quite stupid. This attempted bike theft comes after Schwarzenegger was attacked and ended up being drop-kicked someone during a fitness expo, just under a month ago. During the peculiar incident, the man can be heard shouting “Help me! I need a Lamborghini!”, before pounding the movie star with a flying double dropkick to the back, sending him flying. Within seconds, security officers had pounced on this wannabe-ninja and has him restrained on the floor.

This just goes to show that crime really doesn’t pay. What it will get you though, is a taser pointed at your face and the embarrassment of having to walk away empty handed. Arnold Schwarzenegger maintains his credibility and as per usual, anyone that comes up against him will always come off worse.