Australian Man Jailed for Kidnap and Rape of UK Backpacker


The case of an Australian man who kidnapped and raped a British backpacker went viral and became quite a high profile one. During a month-long kidnapping ordeal in outback Queensland, Elisha Greer, who was then 22, was held hostage during a 1,600km (1,000 mile) road trip in 2017 during which Marcus Allyn Keith Martin, 25, beat her and held a gun to her head. This week he pleaded guilty to charges of rape and deprivation of liberty and was sentenced to jail for 10 years

Greer, originally from Liverpool, England, was held hostage for an entire month and was only rescued after police pulled over the 4×4 they were travelling in, in the town of Mitchell. It was all thanks to a gas station owner reporting them when they didn’t pay for fuel. Martin was found hiding in the back of the vehicle. On Tuesday, Judge Dean Morzone told the Cairns District Court that Martin would be required to serve at least 80% of his sentence before parole would even be considered. 



One of the most disturbing parts about this case is how the events unfolded to end up to the rape and abuse that Greer had to endure. Ms Greer moved to Australia in 2015, aged just 21 and two years later, she met Martin. They had begun a brief relationship after meeting at a party in January 2017. Shortly after exchanging numbers, Martin moved into her hotel room. However, Martin had soon turned violent and held Greer against her will, repeatedly raping and beating her

He began asking her for money, started to become abusive. Accoridng to Greer, he jas purchased a gun for “protection” but instead he forced her to drive the car with the gun to her head while he robbed a drug dealer, making a lot of enemies in the process. Shortly after taking a significant amount of narcotics, Martin raped, choked, and hit Greer until she was unconscious. In a statement Ms. Greer said “He turned around and he just started to hit me, hit me, hit me”. Reportedly, he would always become extremely apologetic and cuddle her after every assault but the controlling and abusive behaviour would always continue not long after. Eventually, Martin was receiving threatening text messages and decided to leave town, which is when the 1,000 mile road trip started and the abusive behaviour worsened. 

Greer said that she has contemplated killing Martin to escape however decided against it out of fear that it would only make the situation worse if she failed. In an attempt to get someone to call the police, she left a help message in a visitors book, however that seemingly went unanswered. The successful attempt came when she left a gas station without paying for the fuel in the hopes someone would report her, which they did, luckily. It was only after being properly assessed in the hospital that the full extent of her injuries came to light.

Ms Greer had suffered a broken nose, her eyebrow was split open, she had numerous bite marks all up and down my arms and even on her face. Martin had stabbed her in the neck with a key, given her two black eyes and too many bruises to count. There were hand prints all over her body from the bruises. She was black and blue from head to toe. She said that she was genuinely concerned that she was going to be murdered. Despite the physical injuries, which will most likely heal over time, the physiological injuries will take much, much longer to heal, if ever. The mental scars which this monster has left on this young lady will stay with her for the rest of her life.