Boris Johnson to face court questions about Brexit claims


 UK’s Former Foreign secretary, Boris Jonhson will be summoned to court to answer allegations of misleading and lying to the public into voting in favor of Brexit in 2016 referendum. This was ruled by district Judge Margot Coleman who said that Johnson will answer questions over a possible misrepresentation of his public office when he said that the UK is contributing 350 million pounds (approximately 442 million US dollars) each week to the European Union. Johnson went further into saying that these amount should instead be used to fund the national health program of the country rather than contributing it to the EU.

However, Britain’s statistic regulator said that Johnson’s claim of UK’s 350 million pounds of UK’s allege contribution is “a gross misuse of official statistics”.  Lawyers of Marcus Ball, an activist who is seeking private prosecution of Johnson said that they have asked the Westminster Magistrates’ Court to summon the former foreign secretary over deliberately misleading the public in his campaign to break away from the EU bloc in the 2016 referendum and General election in 2017. Ball and his cohorts have raised about 200,000 pounds in crowd funding to support and pay for the private litigation of Boris Johnson. This summon comes at a time when Johnson is eyeing to becoming the next conservative party leader. It is expected though that the opposition labour party will challenge the next prime minister elected which may force an earlier national general election should the political circumstances in Britain calls for it.

In a written statement by the District Judge, Coleman says that the case against Johnson is still not proven. And that she is not judging  as to the merits of the evidence or if Johnson is at fault  but summoning the former is the proper thing to do “the proposed defendant will be required to attend this court for a preliminary hearing , and the case will be sent to the crown court for trial” says the district  Judge.


It is noted that the former Foreign Secretary is a top contender to replace Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Theresa May when she steps down on July 7. He will be the next prime minister should he win the conservative party leadership and will also become the new prime minister of Britain. He resigned as foreign secretary in July last year over his unhappiness of May’s “brexit” plans of maintaining close economic ties with the EU when UK leaves the bloc.

Johnson was a key player in convincing the British voters to support the quest of UK to break away from the European Union in a referendum in 2016 with the pro Brexit winning by a considerable margin. The political brouhaha over whether the country should still maintain close economic ties after it leaves the bloc is still in limbo even after 3 years when the Brits voted in favor of Brexit and surely a gargantuan challenge for the next British Prime Minister.

There is no exact time and date yet when the allegations against Johnson will be heard in court. But it is clear though that there are anti Brexit activist who are pushing for the prosecution of Johnson over his alleged misleading and lying to the British public voters.