Courtney Herron: Melbourne woman killed in ‘horrendous bashing’


Melbourne Woman Found “Bashed to Death” 

The discovery of Courtney Herron, 25-years-old, has sent shockwaves throughout Australia. According to a police statement, Herron’s body was found in a Melbourne park on Saturday by walkers. The brutality of the killing of such a young, homeless woman has created a heated discussion in Australia surrounding violence against women, something which has been talked about previously.

Detective Inspector Andrew Stamper described her death as a result of a “horrendous bashing”, stating that there was simply no other way to describe it. Despite the horrific nature of this act, Police have had some luck in finding the culprit and have arrested a 27-year-old homeless man, Henry Hammond. Charged with murder, Hammond appeared in court on Monday only to be defended by his lawyer on mental health ground.


Hammond has since been remanded in custody and is due to appear in court again in September. Whether or not he has suffered from mental health issues in the past, this does not excuse such a violent and despicable act upon a young woman. This isn’t a unique case either and Herron’s death has caused a wave of public anger and grief, only reminding everyone of the number of such cases. Just a short distance from where Herron was murdered is another inner-city park, the park where, just last June, comedian Eurydice Dixon was allegedly raped and killed by a stranger. These barbaric attacks cannot be allowed to continue and something needs to be done about it. 

Cases like this can be difficult to piece together, especially given the sensitive nature of it. Based on all the evidence collected far, police have good reason to believe that Herron was attacked in Royal Park in the suburb of Parkville early on Saturday. After the attacker had murdered their victim, there were some attempts made to conceal her body. The attack was described as ‘horrendous’ in a police statement as there was no clear motive and it was extremely violent. While a lot of attacks have sexual desires and/or fantasies linked to them, the initial post-mortem results of Herron’s body showed no evidence of sexual assault, making it that much harder to solve. 


According to Detective Inspector Stamper, Herron had a bit of a strained relationship with her family. She had experienced mental health and drug abuse problems and only had sporadic contact with them. Despite that, they were heartbroken to hear about her death, as any family would be. No matter what you do or where you go, your family will always be there for you and will always love you. Detective Inspector Stamper went on to say that Herron was believed to have been couch surfing with friends in recent times and possibly even sleeping rough as well. This would have made her an easy target for any deranged person looking to commit a horrific crime such as this. 

Many people have pointed the finger at men. Are men to blame? While there are some bad men, just as there are bad women, the entire gender can’t be written off. That said, Assistant Police Commissioner Luke Cornelius said on Sunday that Melbourne was in fact a safe city however men’s attitudes towards women needed to change. Controversially, he stated that violence against women is all about men’s behaviour. Violence against women is not uncommon in developed countries such as Australia so there may be something else at play too. 

This is such a vile thing to do to such an innocent young lady who still had her whole life to live yet. We can only imagine the pain that her family and friends are experiencing having someone ripped from the life for no reason. Hopefully the culprit, whoever they may be, will receive an extremely long prison sentence, potentially life, for what they have done.