Cyclist Blocks Doctors Driving in The Wrong Lane


The rules of the road are in place to protect everyone who wishes to use it. However, things can get quite annoying when you’ve got somewhere to go but traffic comes to a grinding halt and you get stuck in a traffic jam. That’s just something that everyone has to live with though, isn’t it? A couple of doctors who were ‘on their way to see cancer patients’ didn’t think so. They didn’t get very far though as Mikey, a vigilante cyclist decided to do something about it by blocking their path when they were driving on the wrong side of the road! 


Video footage of the incident, which occurred in the middle of the Outer Circle of Regent’s Park, London, shows Mikey stop cycling as a black Volvo suddenly swerves into his lane, in an attempt to beat the traffic jam. This is when the confrontation started. Fortunately, it didn’t escalate and things were resolved relatively peacefully, despite a few harsh words and gestures being exchanged by multiple parties.


The maul driver of the vehicle immediately started laughing as Mikey blocked him from driving into oncoming traffic. He then sarcastically gestured a thumbs up, before proceeding to honk his horn, telling Mikey to cycle around them. Mike tells the driver that the footage is going to both the police and YouTube for everyone to see. The female passenger then joins in and begins shouting out inaudible words while leaning out of the window. 

The passenger finally gets out and says “I’ve got cancer patients waiting to see us in clinic. I’m going to take a picture of you to show them why we’re so late”. This didn’t seem to affect Mikey and he stood his ground saying that people like them always have some sort of sob story. 

Other Opinions

The situation soon began to get more serious as queues were beginning to build up behind Mikey and other drivers began honking their horns, urging for the pair to settle their differences so everyone can get back on their way. 

A fellow cyclist backs up Mikey as he cycled past though, telling the driver: “You think you’re the only people who go to work? Do you know the most useful thing people ever told me about being late? Leave earlier”. He goes on to say that the driver of the car is completely wrong and they aren’t above everyone else, or the law and they should stop pretending to be in the right.


Eventually, things began to cool down and after the female passenger claimed she felt intimated and was going to call the police, she got back into the car and told the driver to reverse back into the queue. It wasn’t long before the driver points at the passenger, appearing to gesture that he only backed down because she asked him to.

While there are plenty of mixed opinions about this, it’s difficult to know who is right and wrong. Clearly the Volvo is in the wrong lane, which they shouldn’t have been, however if they really were doctors who needed to see cancer patients it does make things a bit better, only if there was an emergency though. It still doesn’t excuse the fact that they were breaking the law and risking, not only their own lives, but also the lives of other road users. So, who was right?