Dirty God: ‘I hated my burn scars until I made a movie’


Vicky Knight was eight once the flat wherever she was sleeping was set on fire by an arsonist. Two of her cousins died, likewise because the man who saved her life.

She was left with burns to thirty-three of her body. “Sometimes even currently, firework night especially, that’s once it all comes back to me,” she tells Radio one Newsbeat.

Today, she works in the burns unit in Essex that treated her as a child. But far from the day job, and has never acted before in her life – she’s additionally the star of a new film. Dirty God is in cinemas in the week. Its a few young mums referred to as Jade, who’s the victim acid attack. Making the movie wasn’t straightforward for Vicky. “In the film there’s nudity and for me to be naked and show these scars that I’ve hidden for therefore long – it really did mess with my mind.


“I had quite a few breakdowns on set, therefore, all the tears that you just see are real.” Vicky was offered the half when creating a video regarding her burns for social media. It went viral and some few years later she was contacted by a casting director.  She says she found it simple to relate to her character. “Jade goes through a fearful journey. Co-workers who need to take the mick out of her – I’ve had that yet.”

In the film, Jade searches online for clinics to do surgery that her doctors tell her won’t work. Vicky says she did that too, emailing surgeons all around the world to determine if they might take her scars away. “The feelings I had in the past, I had to place in the film and it was so hard. Mine was arson and hers was acid however the medical aid of burns is that the same.”

But there are variations between the characters too. Vicky doesn’t have scars on her face. She had to wear prosthetic make-up. Vicky says the film has fully modified her life, helping her come back to terms together with her scars. “I got bullied a lot once I was at school, I got beat up. Even currently I still get people calling me names and that’s 16 years on. “It got to the point in my life a few years ago where I practically gave up. I didn’t want to live with my scars anymore.”

At first, she didn’t perceive why the producers wished to film such a lot of close-up shots of her scars. However once she saw those shots on the large screen, everything modified. “I was like, ‘Wow, this seems like a touch of art’. This is often my very own design. I like my scars currently, I’m happy with them. It’s ME – it’s a part of me. “I wish people to look at me and think I’m a task model to look up to.”

Vicky used to think she’d solely be sensible for horror movies, however currently she’s seen the film she says she is aware of she’s an honest actor associated has found an agent. “The film’s given me such a positive outlook on life. If somebody else has been through it or hasn’t been through it, I hope they can take a little bit of hope and self-love removed from it. “It’s such an excellent feeling to mention that I’m exceptive my scars. They’re me now. If you don’t prefer it, don’t examine them.”