Donałd Trump Touches Down on His Three-Day Visit to the UK


US President Donald Trump landed in the UK this morning to start his three-day state visit to the country. Air Force One and Two landed at Stansted airport at around 9 a.m on June 3rd, 2019. Trump was greeted at the airport with a military welcome from the Royal Air Force as he exited the aircraft with his wife, Melania. Guiding his wife away from the plane, he gave a salute to the military as he walked past.

A welcome is in Order

As he left Air Force One, Jeremy hunt immediately greeted him and they exchanged pleasantries. Also waiting for him as he got off the plane were US ambassador Woody Johnson, the Lord-Lieutenant of Essex, Jennifer Tolhurst, representing the Queen, as well as a number of senior police officers.


Soon after landing, President Trump was escorted to Buckingham Palace where he was greeted with a number of military personnel. Soldiers then fired off 82 rounds – 41 in honour of Mr Trump, and another 41 to mark the anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. The 82 blank artillery round were fired from six WW1-era 13-pounder field guns at ten-second intervals, which is a royal welcome indeed. 

Royal Greetings

Donald Trump’s first royal meet was when Prince Charles and Camilla greeted him and his wife Melania at Her Majesty’s official residence in London. Afterwards, they led the couple across the law of the palace garden to meet the Queen, where she was waiting for them. It appears as if the two heads of state shared warm feelings towards one another as the Queen and Trump laughed happily as they stood on the palace steps. 

The Queen and President Trump will be sharing an intimate lunch at the palace before he starts a series of engagements with senior royals. Before vanishing off into the palace, the pair inspected a line-up of the Grenadier Guards as the band played The Star-Spangled Spanner and God Save The Queen.

Political Agenda

It’s not all fun and games for this trip though. Tomorrow has been marked as a day where Trump will visit 10 Downing Street for political conversations and a joint press conference with Mrs. May herself, despite the fact that she’s leaving in just a matter of weeks. It’s rumoured that Trump and the Prime Minister will not have a 1-on-1 meeting anymore, as was originally planned. 

However, while the two are together tomorrow, there are plans for the Prime Minister to give the President a tour of the famous Churchill War Rooms, buried beneath Westminster, with leading historians who will be explaining the significance of the space. Hopefully, giving the President a tour and an insight into this country’s history, will better the relationship and increases chances of getting a trade deal with one of Britain’s strongest allies. 

President Donald Trump’s visit is seemingly very important to many people, including himself. That said, there’s no doubt that it’s divided the country and it is set to be an extremely controversial three days.