Factory Explosion in Russia Leaves 38 People Injured


According to a local media report, 38 people have been left after an explosion at a factory in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk. The factory was resportedly used to produce and store high-explosive bombs. It’s no wonder the explosion had such a huge impact and caused so much damage. It has also been said that the facility at the JSC Kristall Research Institute has now been completely destroyed.


According to a factory official, there were five people were inside at the time of the explosion, but they were all safely evacuated. It is still unclear is anyone else is left inside the collapsed building. In total, 38 people were injured and a local Russian emergency ministry has said in a statement than 4 of these people were in a critical condition. 


Fortunately though, there were no deaths incurred as a result of the blast. A local health official has reported said that most of the victims were suffering from mild and moderate shrapnel wounds and are likely to make a full recovery in time. 

At around 11:45 a.m (8:45 GMT), local time, the factory went up in flames as the explosion took place. After the blast, the city of Dzerzhinsk declared a state of emergency in the areas surrounding the plant, while the Investigative Committee of Russia has launched a criminal investigation over an alleged violation of safety rules. While the majority of the flames have been controlled and died down now, there is still a potential health and safety risk. 

The explosion shattered all the windows within a three kilometre radius of the plant, including other industrial facilities. The broken glass alone is going to days to clear up and while it’s laying on the floor, it could cause more injury to anyone who is unaware. A huge part of the city has been affected by this single explosion in one factory due to the size of the blast.

A number of images have began spreading around social media and news sites, depicting what appears to a be a huge mushroom cloud coming from the area of the blast. The officials are referring to it as a “technical explosion” on one of the workshops. Consequently, a fire covering around 100 square meters broke out, which luckily, has now been all but put out by brave firefighters who attended the scene. 

This isn’t an isolated incident for the town though. There was another explosion which occurred just last August where three people died. Dzerzhinsk Is considered to be one of the world’s most polluted cities, which would explain why there’s no many factories, which in turn have caused a number of factory explosions in such a small space of time.

It’s never happy news when there’s a dangerous incident, regardless of whether or not anyone died. The friends and families of everyone involved, and those injured, will be extremely worried and we extend our sympathies. Hopefully everyone caught up in the explosion will pull through and make a full recovery. Clearly something needs to change in Dzerzhinsk, as its only a matter of time before the next explosion, where everyone might not be so lucky.