Former Disney star Jordan Pruitt says she hopes to see her alleged sexual abuser ‘in an orange jumpsuit’


Former Disney star Jordan Pruitt is doubling down on her claims that she was sexually abused as a teenager operating within the usually unforgiving entertainment business.

The singer and composer spoke to Fox News concerning her agonizing experience that she says went on for 2 years, likewise because of the fallout she has seen since sharing her story publically about the man she alleges sexually abused her and continues to work with underage girls.

Pruitt 1st made her stunning revelation in an exceedingly extended Facebook post published in Dec 2018 in which she wrote that an important male figure in her life began “grooming” her in 2006 whereas he was engaged to be married to a different lady and she or he was simply fifteen. Save as Draft “This all started after I was about thirteen and also the advances extremely reasonably started around 14, however, nothing was ever sexual till i used to be about 15,”


Pruitt told Fox News in an extended interview. “I can remember him saying, you know; ‘Let me teach you how to kiss. You don’t need to induce out into the world and be a nasty kisser.’ I vividly remember that.” And that’s however it all started.

Pruitt, now 28, said she was too young to grasp what the person needed from her which it wasn’t till she was much older once she began to realize the magnitude of what she had endured as a working teen.  “I mean, at fourteen I used to be like, ‘Oh yeah, you’re right.’ you recognize this can be a distinguished man and he’s primarily taking interest in my talent. I simply thought, for me, as a result of I used to be from a town with one stoplight — I actually thought that ‘OK, I assume this is normal.’ I used to be raised from church and raised to believe that everyone has the most and best of intentions. Therefore I actually didn’t comprehend it like that till i used to be a good twenty or twenty one that through everything that had happened, I had primarily been sexually ill-treated for 2 years of my life.”

Pruitt said the “level of trauma” she faced “is honestly ineffable.” She said for 5 years when the abused stopped, she “had forgotten that it had happened” that her therapist tells her could be a “form of your brain primarily protective you from feeling.”

When Pruitt turned twenty-one, she said she began to appreciate the total extent of the abuse and that’s when she developed an anxiety disorder coupled with denial and anger.

She said she began to surprise things like: “OK, what am I able to do concerning this? Why did this happen? Do I tell my parents? Are they going to lose it? I simply don’t recognize. I had numerous thoughts in my mind — am I capable of love?”

Pruitt said she desires to share her story and that’s why she initial wrote concerning it on social media late last year. She said she evaded divulging an excessive amount of concerning the person thanks to his position within the industry and out of worry of revenge a few potential legal battles should she reveal his identity.

“My [Facebook post] originally was speculated to be for much longer as a result of I really like to put in writing. However I didn’t wish to disclose an excessive amount of, obviously, thanks to the calibre of one who he’s these days,” Pruitt said. “And additionally I didn’t wish to,” she pauses before continued – “I basically had conferences with a bunch of various attorneys and that they said that he may sue me for everything and take everything that I had, that may be a chilling thought.”

Pruitt alleges some ladies have since privately come forward to her claiming to have had their own traumatic experiences with the person she alleges abused her. The former kid star also said she was “disappointed” that others haven’t been able to determine the alleged culprit.

Pruitt maintained: “I can say as a result of I actually needed to only nail him. But, it’s going to happen one of these days. It’s not honor and that I wouldn’t be desirous to answer to all or any of his sins ahead of the creator of the universe.” When asked if she feels her alleged wrongdoer can ever apologize for his actions or see justice for his crimes, Pruitt paused before describing the person as “the biggest self-loving person I’ve got ever met in my entire life who will manipulate almost anyone into doing something.”

“So no, I don’t assume he would ever be sorry and he most likely at this time doesn’t think he’s done something wrong, honestly. He’s going to take himself down one of these days, sooner or later. It’s not essentially my job, however, I clearly felt like lawfully I had to inform my truth and therefore the story.” Pruitt said she has since been in a long personal battle to take back control of her life from her alleged abuser and she’s doing this by writing a book that may aim to help other survivors.

Pruitt, who has since married a former tour mate and works as a songster in Nashville, said the book, “AA: Abuse Anonymous,” came to her during a “thought from God.”

“I was lying in bed a couple of months ago, and that I will sleep through something thus I’m positively not a lightweight sleeper. Thus it’s uncommon for me to awaken in the middle of the night at two o’clock, primarily simply pacing my chamber,” said Pruitt.

“I woke my husband and I’m like, ‘I can’t go back to bed; I feel I’m supposed to write a book. And he says, ‘Well, you’re an excellent author, so write a book.’ I felt just like the thought was given to me from God, saying that I need to write a book because I got the title and therefore the title of every single chapter. I started writing it that night and I’ve been writing it ever since. “And I hope through my book they’re going from living to finally when a long process of healing to thriving. Just changing one person’s life – I desire that adores what life is and maybe regarding — it’s serving to people. You know; we’re not very here to serve ourselves. We’re here to serve people and if I’m able to try this, hell yea — I’ve done my job.”

When asked if she would be addressing her alleged offender in her forthcoming book, Pruitt confirmed she would be delving into the main points encompassing her abuse “a thousand percent.”

“I simply hope to see him in orange jumpsuit someday on my tv screen. That will give me my greatest joy.”