Ginger Spice Ends the Spice Girls’ Reunion Tour With An Apology


The Spice Girls tour has been one of the most talked about music events in the entire year. Fans have gathered in the tens of thousands to come and watch the band reunite after a two decade split. As the tour came to an end, Geri Horner had something to say. Geri, also known as Ginger Spice, apologised for quitting the Spice Girls in 1998, as the band played their last gig. 


At Wembley Stadium, the final location of the tour, Geri spoke up to not only the fans, but also her bandmates saying: “I need to say something I should have said a long time ago. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left. I was just being a brat. It is so good to be back with the girls that I love.” At the height of their career and fame 21 years ago, Geir decided to walk away leaving the band no option but to dissipate. 


Emotions were already running high as it was the 13th and final gig for the Spice Girls’ Stadium tour. After her apology, the band played ‘Goodbye’ – the sons associated with her departure. Not only this, the band also brought their mothers and children onto the stage during the encore, to serenade them with Mama, while Emma Bunton was reduced to tears during Viva Forever. The whole night was an extremely emotional one and fans were also crying throughout the final moments. 

End of an Era

Despite the tears, the overall atmosphere and mood within the stadium was celebratory. It was a delight to see the girls back together one last time with the band charging through hits like ‘Stop’, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’, and ‘Wannabe’ like it was the first time they were performing them.

The fireworks displays were spectacular, as always, the crowds were going wild and it reminded everyone of a happier time. No worries, just good old-fashioned music from back in the day. The girls did have a bit of a rough start to the tour with fans walking out over sound issues but they had been resolved and everyone could hear the girls fine. That said, the group were sometimes drowned out by the sheer volume of 80,000 fans singing back at them.

Even with all the other girl bands such as the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud, Sugababes, and Little Mix, the Spice Girls will remain as one of the most revered and most iconic bands in British history. Back in the 90s, a time when female pop stars were supposed to do as they were told and behave, these girls were revolutionary. They promoted freedom, disobedience, and self-belief. They changed the lives of many people.

Despite the supposed conflict between Mel B and Geri following the revelation that the pair had once slept together, their bond and fondness for one another was apparent throughout the final performance. Lots of glances, smiles and hugs between the girls showed how much they care for the group. The alleged rift between Scary and Ginger Spice was either well-disguised or completely forgotten.