Glasgow woman delivers her own ‘surprise’ baby


Every now and then something happens that no one can explain, not even science. This story is of particular interest. A young woman delivered her first baby alone on her bathroom floor unexpectedly. The strange bit? She didn’t even know she was pregnant in the first place! It wasn’t until she went into labour that she realised she was pregnant and then started to panic.

Mystery Pregnancy

Stacey Porter is a regular 20-year-old. Like most people, she gets sick and that is all she thought when she started having a stomach ache. However, this was in fact far from the truth. It wasn’t until she felt the baby’s head coming out that she realised she was about to give birth to a baby. Neither Stacey or her partner had any idea that she was pregnant. In an interview, she said that she didn’t have any of the usual pregnancy symptoms, had still been getting her regular periods and had even been taking birth control pills!


The night before Stacey gave birth, her partner, David Johnston, picked her up from work after she had complained of feeling unwell. She decided not to go to hospital however was getting up and down during the night with nausea and stomach pains. As Stacey was constantly getting up during the night, David decided it was best if he slept downstairs on the couch at their home In Grangemouth so he could get some rest before going to work the next day. He was dead to the world.


On may 10th, just after 04:00 am, the agonising stomach pains had become too much for Stacey and she needed to sit down on the bathroom floor. It was as she sat down that she suddenly realised what was happening. As soon as she felt the head, she knew it was a baby and all she could now was push and hope for the best. 

Meanwhile, she was attempting to get David’s attention, who was just downstairs, by phoning to wake him up. However, despite over 60 missed calls, David didn’t bat an eyelid. It kept ringing out said Stacey and so she kept having to hang up and then phone again, but it was to no avail. While he was sleeping, Stacey had given birth alone in their bathroom to their baby daughter, Sophia.

Shock Arrival

The first thing that Stacey did once baby Sophia had arrived, was take some pictures. It wasn’t long after the baby had been self-delivered, David woke up to the news that he has a new baby. While Stacey was screaming at him to call an ambulance, David just stood there, stunned and shocked. Speechless, as anyone would be. You go to bed one night, expecting everything to carry on as normal the next day, only to wake up to find you’re now a father. David did eventually manage to pull it together and call the pair an ambulance. It wasn’t just David and Sophia that were taken aback by the surprise arrival. The paramedics were also “a bit shocked”. That said, they maintained their professional manner and took the new mother and baby to Forth Valley Royal Hospital for a check-up and observations.

Stacey and David have since named their 7lb 13oz newborn baby girl Sophia Grace Johnston. They said they are still trying to taking it all in, understandably of course, and that their lives have turned around straight away. With some final words, they said they were still running on the shock and adrenaline of the whole situation but that was the most incredible feeling and they never knew how much love they could have for another human being.

It’s absolutely remarkable what we are capable of when faced with an unfamiliar situation, especially when we aren’t prepared. This is just another amazing, heartwarming story of human resilience. It’s also an example of miracle! To be completely unaware of her pregnancy for a whole nine months is mind blowing by itself but even after getting her regular periods and taking birth control pills – how could Stacy possibly be pregnant? The world works in mysterious ways.