‘I still eat pizza and pasta!’: Bachelor vet Catherine Giudici, 35, reveals how she lost 25lbs after welcoming three kids with husband of 7 years Sean Lowe


Bachelor star Catherine Giudici has been busy for the past seven years as she married Sean Lowe then soon after welcomed three children: Mia, Samuel and Isaiah.

And on Tuesday the 35-year-old beauty shared with DailyMail.com that she has been taking care of herself as she has been eating better and working out more which has led to her losing 25lbs.


The dark-haired star also said she is still eating things like pizza, pasta and burgers, but the portions are smaller and the ingredients are healthier on her new meal plan. 

And her husband since 2014, for Bachelor Sean Lowe, has also lost weight as he has been on the NutriSystem Partner Plan with his wife. The insurance salesman has shed 12lbs. 

Catherine shared she loves the food that the plan offers because she feels like she is not being too strict with herself.

‘We’re still eating those fun things like pizza, pasta and burgers, but they’re perfectly portioned and made healthier,’ said the former reality TV star who also hits the gym several times a week.

For example, NutriSystem’s Italian sausage and turkey pepperoni pizza is only 260 calories with 15 grams of protein.

The Lowes, who famously found love on ABC’s The Bachelor, are featured in a new Nutrisystem commercial and discuss how focusing on their health and wellness goals together has fueled their success.

‘Nutrisystem works for us. We love the convenience of the program and how delicious the meals are,’ said Catherine on Tuesday.

The Nutrisystem Partner Plan commercial was shot and produced in Sean and Catherine’s home and features a cameo from their three children.

‘We pride ourselves on being role models for our kids,’ remarks Catherine. ‘What we do, they will do, so it’s important that they see us living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to Nutrisystem, we’re able to do that.’

‘Throughout this journey, we were able to hold each other accountable to our goals and were encouraged by each other’s results,’ adds Sean. ‘Every step of the way, we made sure to support each other and lift each other up, which helped us succeed even more.’

They have both shared on social media that ‘Weight loss is better together.’

Sean: ‘Having a partner who will keep you motivated makes a huge difference. When you’re eating Nutrisystem together, it makes it that much easier. It’s been the perfect fit for our busy lifestyle.’

And he added: ‘I always feel satisfied after eating Nutrisystem. Nutrisystem and convenience go hand in hand and one of the best parts for us is that it’s delivered right to our door.’

To date, Sean has lost 12 pounds and Catherine has lost 25 pounds. 

In January she touched on her weight loss journey: ‘Another progress report,’ she began her note.

‘As we kick off a new year, I’m feeling so grateful for my health :),’ she said, referring to the pandemic. 

‘Losing weight can be really frustrating sometimes, so having a buddy to keep you motivated can make a huge difference,’ she said.

‘Plus, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone,’ she noted. ‘If you and your partner are looking to lose weight and get healthy this year, use the link in my bio to get 50% off your Nutrisystem order. You got this!’  

Husband Lowe added: ‘We’ve found that being healthy is only possible if we’re both in it together. It’s impossible for me to eat clean if I know Catherine is ordering pizza for dinner and vice versa.’

Catherine became engaged to Sean on his season of The Bachelor in 2013, and the rest is history.

The couple, who famously waited until their wedding night to have sex, said ‘I do’ at The Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California, and allowed their ceremony to be televised.

Catherine and Sean welcomed son Samuel in 2016, Isaiah in 2018, and daughter Mia in 2019.