India is hitting the United States with more tariffs


In recent news, India has increased tariffs on United States exports. This is another negative event that has developed in regard to the growingly unstable global trade market. Of particular tension are relations between the United States and China. However, with these new tariffs, the United States relationship with yet another country seems to have been a little more damaged.

These tariffs imposed by India on the United States will start on June 16th. This is according to statements made by the finance ministry in India. These statements were made this past Saturday. Several United States goods have been targeted. These include American apples, which will be tagged with a substantial seventy percent tariff. In addition to apples, tariffs will also be place on almonds, lentils, and several chemical products. The tariffs are expected to be significant.

India first made their plans known regarding the tariffs roughly one year ago. This was because the United States increased import duties on Indian steel and aluminum at the time. Since this action by the United States, India was delaying the implementation of the recent tariffs. This was because India and the United states were engaged in numerous trade talks regarding these issues.


The Indian Government did not specify the value of the goods that were targeted by the tariffs. Previously however, India made it known to the World Trade Organization that the value of these tariffs had a value of approximately $241 million.

India and the United States had traded goods and services worth approximately $142 billion in 2018. The relationship between the two countries has deteriorated in recent weeks once the Trump Administration stopped India’s participation in a preferential trade program. This ending of the program happened in early June of this year. The program exempted Indian goods with a value exceeding six billion dollars from United States import duty fees back in 2018.

An important priority for President Trump has been to reduce United States’ trade deficits with various countries all over the globe. In May of this year, the Trump Administration increased tariffs by fifteen percent for $200 billion worth of goods from China. Currently, the Trump Administration is threatening to target roughly $300 billion more of exports from China. These recent actions by the Trump Administration has led to business analysts warning of a decline in the United States economy that occur within a quarter or two.

India currently has obtained a modest surplus in goods trade with the United States. India exported roughly fifty-four billion to the United States in 2018. Also, India buys roughly thirty-three billion worth of goods that are American. This information is in accordance with data that was provided by the United States Government.

President Trump has on numerous occasions criticized Indian tariffs in relation to products such as motorcycles and whiskey. Trump’s decision to revoke trade privileges were largely due to complaints from American dairy farmers and device manufacturers of medical supplies that tariffs imposed by New Delhi were significantly harming their exports.