Is ‘Dark Phoenix’ the closest thing we’ve gotten to an X-Women movie? Sophie Turner, co-stars talk a new sequel


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine had a pair standalone adventures (2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 2017’s Logan), however up till Dark Phoenix, there had never been an X-Men ensemble movie titled when one among its characters. quite a giant deal — and one thing not lost on Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), the actress behind superhero Jean grey, also known by the eponymy nickname once she breaks bad in the 12th (and final?) instalment in the X-Men series.

“When I first kind of got the job, I didn’t assume that we tend to be able to play out that Dark Phoenix storyline as a result of it had already been done,” Turner told Yahoo Entertainment (in relevance a significant plot purpose from 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, once Famke Janssen played the role) in a very recent interview wherever she was joined by costars Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Evan Peters (Quicksilver), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), Alexandra Shipp (Storm) and Kodi Smit-McPhee

(Nightcrawler). “But clearly Days of Future Past [which found Wolverine time-traveling and altering the course of history] reset everything, so I was just so excited to be able to explore that. As a result of I actually, really didn’t assume I used to be visiting, and it had been my favorite a part of her whole journey.”


Turner, therefore, gets her share of each heroic and rogue-ish moments, and in a clip from the film that went viral earlier in the week, Jennifer Lawrence (reprising her role as Mystique) delivers a zinger to prof Xavier (James McAvoy) that speaks to an evolved gender balance Dark Phoenix brings to the series. “The ladies are perpetually saving the lads around here,” she tells him. “You may wish to consider dynamic the name to X-Women.”

Dark Phoenix is that the 1st film in the franchise during which each lead X-Man (X-Woman) and lead antagonist (Jessica Chastain’s Vuk) are female. In other words, it’s in all probability the closest thing we’ve gotten to AN X-Women picture show that Turner agreed on. “I suppose, therefore, this is often the closest we’ve returned,” she said. “It’s a good time that we’re in, a time of inclusivity in superhero movies. We have Black Panther, woman, Captain Marvel, this, I feel the primary Asian superhero moving-picture show is being written [Marvel’s Shang-Chi]. Therefore it’s very exciting to be an element of this transformation that’s happening.”

“I also love that [we] don’t acknowledge the actual fact that they’re both women,” added Shipp. “The antagonist and protagonist are both women, and you don’t acknowledge it, you only permit them to be their characters, not their gender.”

Dark Phoenix is currently in theatre’s. Visit social dancing for show times and tickets.