Justin Beiber challenges Tom Cruise to a fist fight on social media


Could Justin Beiber kick Tom Cruise’s ass? Most would say not bloody likely, but Beiber recently mentioned the possibility of such a fight on twitter. In a widely publicized tweet last week, pop star Beiber suggested a fist fight with top gun star Tom Cruise, going as far as to suggest that Cruise might be afraid to accept. The tweet gained a bit too much attention, and while Cruise did not publicly respond, many other people became aware of the challenge. UFC champion Connor Mcgregor took notice and offered to host the fight before a large audience, suggesting that Mark Wahlberg should also do some fighting.

Beiber was apparently joking and claimed that Cruise could probably beat him, with many of the 40,000 twitter commenters agreeing. According to Dana White, the UFC boss, Tom Cruise is interested in the fight and is willing to do it. Cruise has not publicly talked about the challenge, but he is willing to do it if White is to be believed. If both of them could be convinced to agree, White would be ready to organize it. Two celebrities or athletes participating in a UFC fight would not be a unique occurrence. A famous person can gain much publicity by fighting in front of an audience, and people from NFL players to actors have participated in UFC fights.

Connor Mcgregor has also challenged former pop star Mark Wahlberg to a fight, teasing him about his pop star past. However, Wahlberg manages an undefeated boxer that might be a match for Mcgregor. While a UFC match between Tom Cruise and Justin Beiber is unfortunately unlikely, perhaps there could be a fight between unbeaten boxer Regis Prograis and UFC champion Connor Mcgregor. Regis Prograis told Connor Mcgregor to call out a real champion instead of calling out actors.


While many of these humorous potential celebrity fighting challenges do not end up taking place, there are some exceptions. Film director Uwe Boll was once able to fight his critics. After a couple of notoriously bad films such as House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark, Uwe Boll was widely considered to be one of the worst directors that managed to continue to make relatively high budget movies. However, he does has his fans, and has been able to acquire a cult following over the years. His reputation as a proudly bad director increased after successfully challenging film critics that gave him negative reviews to boxing matches. His “shut up or put up” challenge to critics actually resulted in a few boxing matches, which Boll was able to win.

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Brown, claimed to be in favor of the fight happening, but only if a grizzly bear was introduced into the ring in the middle of the fourth round and all of the money was donated to charity. One could argue that Beiber could win in the fight were to take place. Beiber has some boxing skills and is a few decades younger than Cruise. An online betting website is already taking wagers for the unlikely fight, with the odds being 2 to 1 in favor of Beiber rather than Cruise winning.