Keanu Reeves: The mystery of the internet’s boyfriend


If you’ve closely examined an image of actor Keanu Reeves motion with a follower (and who hasn’t, apparently?), you would possibly have done a response and questioned, what’s that he’s doing behind her back? Jazz hands? Guess again! Because the net has discovered, that’s simply Reeves’ special “no-touch” method of taking footage with women—women he doesn’t apprehend, as well as fans, but also ones he does, like Dolly Parton.

The media had already taken to business Reeves the “internet’s boyfriend,” due to his mysterious, thoughtful demeanour and disposition for random acts of kindness, like forgoing his seat on the subway or taking additional time to talk with a follower who uses a wheelchair. He was informed of the internet’s relationship with him at the “Toy Story 4” premiere recently, and responded characteristically: “That’s uh, that’s wacky. Well, the positivity’s great.”

But once this latest “no touch” revelation, Twitter fans are formally hailing Reeves as their “respectful king,” a person who is taking the teachings of #MeToo to heart. Several have advised he will function a job model for alternative men confused regarding what respect for women’s personal area seems like in platonic settings.


Are we tend to certain this lofty praise? Definitely, Reeves looks like an exquisite guy. However, he’s also ne’er spoken publically regarding the explanations that he chooses not to touch ladies in pictures. Maybe he’s so being respectful of girls. Or maybe he’s adopted a “better safe than sorry” perspective, as several men have since the molestation reckoning—which may cast a minimum of a touch doubt on Reeves’ altruistic intentions, since this perspective tends to cast men as unwitting, innocent victims to women’s irrational, predatory motives.

And it’s already proven damaging: According to a recent LeanIn.Org survey, 60% of male managers currently concern regarding mentoring, socializing or being alone with their ladies staff, up substantially from last year. Of course, being alone with ladies is completely different than taking an image with a fan in an exceedingly public place. However given the very fact that powerful men like Al Franken and Joe Biden have taken hits for unwelcome touching in images and public settings, men everyplace are listening.

There’s another perspective to bear in mind of, too, before we tend to go and place each interaction between men and ladies lately through the #MeToo filter. And that’s to think about that not touching folks is also Reeves’ personal preference. From all that we all know of him—which isn’t abundant, considering his thirty-five years of list moving picture stardom—he looks to be a self-examining and somewhat socially anxious person, at least according to a recent New Yorker profile.

He didn’t become old with privilege and has experienced some serious tragedies. Within the late ’90s, his old girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to their stillborn kid, and so died 2 years later in an automobile accident. His father served a while for drug dealing once Reeves was a child, and so left their family. Reeves captive all around the world along with his mama, from Beirut to Sydney to New York to Toronto.

All of which can be relevant: bound traumas, and therefore the quantity of physical heart we tend to receive in time of life, will proceed to have an effect on however comfy we feel regarding being touched by others once we become old.

Likewise, social anxiety, an affliction that affects 12% of the adult population, is commonly related to touch avoidance. Reeves has delineated himself as having a “wallflower demeanor” at parties. There also are a lot of intense neuroses that individuals have regarding being touched, like germaphobia and therefore the most extreme iteration of avoidance,, haphephobia.

And therefore there is a spread of plausible explanations for Reeves’s no-touch policy of picture-taking. Sadly, like most of the remainder of his life, actuality reason could stay a mystery to the remainder folks.

What we will pull from the speech communication surrounding it, however, is that it’s ne’er a foul plan to be conscious of another person’s personal area, whether or not feminine or male. which even if we tend to imagine of Reeves as our net swain, if we’ve got the great luck of encountering him out in the wild, it’s wise to take a cue from his awareness of boundaries, and provides him back what he’s doling out.