Kriti Sanon Says Switching From Real To Reel Life Can Get Tricky


Kriti Sanon considers acting to be a tricky profession since one has alternate between their real and reel emotions from time to time. The actor, who is excitedly anticipating Arjun Patiala, mentions a performer could be going through difficult times in his/her life, however when facing the camera their actual emotions must not reflect on-screen. Actors have stress and tension in their life too and when working on a film such as Arjun Patiala, you have to completely switchover and become a person who is cracking jokes and having fun. It could get tricky. For Luka Chuppi filming she was slightly messed up with her personal life however she had to get her timing of comic right. Kriti told PTI that as an actor it is vital to alternate between real and reel emotions.

She added that your real emotions on screen cannot be translated as that will stay eternally and will mess up your personal life. Being in this profession is tricky because the person Kriti must be put aside and the actor Kriti must be focused. She said that it is difficult.

Not only as an actor however as a cinephile, Kriti told she enjoys eccentric films. She likes this space. This is one among the reasons for her getting drawn to scripts of this kind. Also, she likes viewing such films. As an actor, she tends to do films that she likes to watch. The actor who is 28 years old was praised for her comic timing in “Luka Chuppi” and “Bareilly in Barfi”, told her objective is making people laugh.


Kriti said that comedy is much required in the present time as much stress is there in everybody’s life. She wants to entertain people and make them laugh. Also, Kriti will appear in Housefull 4 and the actor told working on the movie with stars like comedy-regular Riteish Deshmukh and Akshay Kumar helped her better her comic timing.  While observing experienced actors you inadvertently pick up things. When she sees Riteish Deshmukh and Akshay Kumar who are talented at comedy, she learns by seeing them. She is surrounded by people having great comic timing. She is inadvertently learning a lot.

She said that comedy is everything about reacting however at the correct time. Riteish told her that comedy has a beat and rhythm to it. Those who are excellent at dancing are likely to understand comedy since they understand rhythm.

In Arjun Patiala, Diljit Dosanjh is her opposite pair, who she mentions is a great actor. Kriti plays the role of a crime journalist while Diljit undertakes the role of an eccentric, small-town cop. Kriti said in Bollywood people have only seen Diljit’s intense side. With this film people can see his faultless comic timing. He is excellent at comedy. He has done films of this kind in Punjab however not in Bollywood. This will be a surprise.