Kylie Jenner Shares Stormi Webster’s Favorite Foods: Sushi, Edamame and More


Little Stormi Webster is the daughter of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. Her palate is quite adventurous. Though she is only 15 months old, she has by now eaten many foods not tried by her own mother until she reached teenage.

For instance, in a vlog that Heather Sanders, Jenner’s pal shared on May 26, Sunday, the proud mom made known that her daughter loves numerous Asian staples. Few of the favorites of Stormi include rice with soy sauce, sushi, and edamame.

It is particularly remarkable that Stormi loves sushi taking into account that her reality star mom had tried the Japanese recipe only in her middle school.


The founder of Kylie Skin made known in early May 2019 that her kid also has a liking for pomegranate seeds. Actually, daughter and mother appear to share a great liking of the fruity delicacy. The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians wrote “My pomegranate bestie,” next to a photo of Stormi and herself each clutching a small bowl containing pomegranate seeds. It is something she never thought of.


The founder of Kylie Cosmetics told Sanders while having a meal at Katsuya, a Japanese restaurant that is a favorite of celebrities in Los Angeles that Stormi loves Sushi. The first time entrepreneur tried sushi with the family of a friend during her middle school, made it clear that she does not give anything raw to Stormi.


While raw fish could be highly unlikely for Stormi at the present time, she does take pleasure in snacking on edamame. They are steamed soybeans which are served typically at restaurants in Japan. Jenner said that Stormi loves edamane and she would take Stormi to Nobu for feeding her edamane. Jenner stated that those serving at the restaurant will bring the whole edamame. Stormi will not stop until everything is over. She consumes all the edamame.

Soy Sauce Rice

“Stormi loves rice and soy sauce,” says Kylie Jenner additionally about her daughter. Jenner has starred in Life of Kylie, an American reality television series. Kylie says that her daughter will eat an entire bowl containing soy sauce rice.


In conforming to the theme of Japanese, Stormi is also seemingly having a liking to snack on seaweed. In January 2019 the entrepreneur made known that her small girl loves to consume the aquatic plant. During a Story in Instagram in which Jenner was talking about how she was sick, in the background one could hear Stormi crying. At that time Jennifer explained that her baby loves seaweed, and suppose she cannot have adequate seaweed she is very annoyed.

Pomegranate Seeds

As per an Instagram Story from the native of Los Angeles shared in May 2019, her daughter is her “pomegranate bestie” since both of them both enjoy consuming the fruit. It was surprising even for Jenner to this liking shared with her child. She has writing through the photosharing app, “Never would have thought.”