Love Island Contestants Haunted by Racism Curse


One of the most controversial TV shows and one which divides people like no other, is Love Island. The show has created a lot of questionable relationships and has sparked significant debate surrounding mental health after the tragic suicide of two contestants. In light of the new series, there have also now been claims of racism and homophobia both from contestants, and the show itself. 

Racism and Homophobia 

One of Love Island 2019’s new recruits, Molly-Mae Hague, has been found to have used racist and homophobic slurs on Twitter, a few years back as a teenage. A number of old posts have revealed that the 20-year-old influencer, who will be seen in the villa for the first time tonight, retweeted from an account called “Ni**** Commentary”, as well as using the word gay as an insulting and detrimental term. 


As evident with a number of similar cases, with fame, comes loss of privacy. Anyone with skeletons in their closet will soon have to face the spotlight as there’s no hiding on the internet. This should serve as a warning to everyone; be careful what is posted on social media as it could come back at any moment to haunt you. 

Molly-Mae Hague

It has been revealed that Molly-Mae was picked to be on the show by Love Island bosses a month ago. She was handpicked by producers thanks to her picture-perfect looks and huge social media following. She is also well-known to date many Instagram personalities, influencers, as well as footballers. Most notably, she is the ex-girlfriend of Leicester City footballer James Maddison, which only further increased her fame on the picture-sharing website. 

The comments which were posted on Twitter were rumoured to be about President Barack Obama and were first published when Molly-Mae was between 15 and 17 years old. They have since been removed from the site. 

Further Racism

This isn’t the only incident that is facing the reality show lately. The show has been plunged into another racism storm for the fourth year in a row as another ethnic minority contestant was picked last. Yewande Biala, 23-years-old, had to be coupled with fellow scientist Michael Griffiths, 27, after four men chose other women in the series four opener, as has happened for the previous four series. 

Previous contestant, Marcel Somerville, who together with other minorities Malin Andersson and Samira Might, slated the ITV2 dating show’s format while urging an overhaul. They said that the casting process for the show needs to change as producers don’t think about who are being put into the Villa. Everything is based on looks and no one is considering whether or not the contestants will actually get along or have similar interests. Just a bunch of good looking people being casted will make it impossible to make any real connections, especially when there’s a person of colour, says Somerville.

It’s clear that this controversial show will only become more and more controversial and will definitely come under significant fire from media, previous contestants, and the public alike over the next few months.