Maura Leaves Love Island Viewers Stunned and Here’s Why!


This year’s series of Love Island has made headlines for a huge number of reasons, not all of which are beneficial to the shows already questionable image. The reality TV is storming the media yet again though after last nights shocking hour-long episode. Maura Higgins, and Irish-born grid girl stirred up the viewers as she begged Tommy to get frisky under the covers of outdoor bed in the Villa. 

Raunchy Pleads

Maura Higgins shocked the world before she had even entered the Villa when nude images of her and her friends surfaced online. Having recently entered the Villa, she continued to make waves, especially during last night’s intense episode. Maura seemingly hit it off with Tommy, another contestant, over dinner. This sparked causing outrage to Molly-Mae and a number of other girls.


At the end of the day, after having plenty of time to think about the exciting day, Tommy and Maura end up together having a chat in one of the garden beds. The conversation drifts towards each other’s feelings and as they gaze into one another’s eyes, Tommy reveals that he’s hugely attracted to Maura.

Earlier in the show, the brunette bombshell said: “Tommy’s starting to sweat now. It’s actually turning me on.” Last night though, the 28-year-old couldn’t resist jumping at the opportunity to snuggle up with Tommy, despite the fact he’d had a heated bust up with Molly-Mae just moments before. The two hopped into one of the Villa’s outdoor beds for a quick chat, only for Maura to begin flirting with Tommy. 

Things soon turned sexual though as Maura begs Tommy for a quick kiss under the covers. That offer would be hard to resist for any man but somehow, Tommy managed to. Probably because Molly-Mae’s eyes were burning into the back of his head from the other side of the Villa! Maura then asked Tommy if he found her attractive. It was definitely a sticky situation for Tommy and I’m sure the other boys in the Villa were just glad it wasn’t them caught between the two fiery girls. 


Viewers of the show were just as shocked as Tommy when Maura made her move on him. They soon flocked to Twitter to express their surprise and disgust at the conversation. One user called Maura “actual filth”, comparing Love Island to Gossip Girl. Another said that the conversation between the two love birds made them feel so uncomfortable that they genuinely had to turn the TV off! 

Other users expressed similar sentiments: “Maura needs a her mouth washed out with a bar of soap!! Not classy HON #LoveIsland”, said one viewer, while another tweeted “#loveIsland Maura is making me sick. Its so cringe. Have some class. Her mum must be so proud!” Evidently, her remarks and advances towards Tommy were not met well, no matter what her intentions were. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Maura to lay low while things cool down, but I have a sneaking suspicious that that simply isn’t her style.