Meghan Markle Branded ‘Extravagant’ After Spending Almost £4 million in Her First Year as a Royal


The public have been absolutely stunned by the Duchess of Sussex’s spending habits. The British public have balked at her expensive tastes, which in 2018, cost the taxpayer an estimated £406,000. This huge number doesn’t include a £300,000 baby shower and of course, the £3m home renovation which Meghan and Harry have shelled out for in her first year of becoming part of the royal family. 

Author, Angela Levin, has said that Meghan’s expensive lifestyle has “not gone down well” with taxpayers as it appears as if she has been extravagant. While the Queen is well known to be a very frugal royal, the British public are extremely irritated by a large proportion of their tax money going towards what they consider to be frivolity, rather than going into areas that desperately need it. I.e. The NHS, policing, roads, and any number of other areas of the country that are clearly suffering from a lack of funds.



While of course, it is quite difficult to get an accurate figure for royal spending, there are a number of experts that are working on estimations, every year. According to fashion experts, UFO NO More, the estimated spend of Meghan in 2018 was a whopping £406,662.55, largely due to a number of pricey outfits. One such example would be the £56,000 dress the 37-year-old Duchess wore for her engagement photos with Prince Harry.

It isn’t just clothes that have racked up the pennies last year though. The cost of her rather lush baby shower was estimated to be around £300,000 which by anyone’s standards, is an excessive amount, no matter who offered to pay for it. These ridiculous and frankly unnecessary purchases are a bit of a slap in the face for the British taxpayers, especially when the person spending all their money is someone who calls herself a humanitarian. It seems a bit on the nose, doesn’t it?


If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s still the inordinate amount that the couple have in property. Not only do they own two properties – Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, and a £2.5 million Cotswold farmhouse for vacations, but they have also spent massive amounts on renovation, which is only expected to increase. 

In preparation for their new baby, Archie, the couple spent around £3 million on renovating their Windsor cottage. They don’t stop spending either. After their renovations earlier this year, they also announced plans to have even more work done on the property including alterations to doors, windows, walls, outdoor lighting, as well as landscaping in vast amount of land that comes with the property. 

It’s clear that Meghan Markle is quite comfortable in her new role as the Duchess of Sussex and she seems to be taking full advantage of Harry’s family wealth. Not everyone is so happy with this though and the majority of the British people, who are watching their hard earned cash go to waste, just hope that Meghan will stop acting so show business, as she is used to from her previous role as an actress, and start acting more like one of the royal family.