New candidates vie to succeed UK’s May with focus on Brexit


Prime Minister Theresa May tearfully bids goodbye as UK’s Prime minister and Conservative party leader effective June 7, 2019 amidst a political deadlock over her proposed Brexit plans. Her three years in office is marked by three failed attempts to strike a Brexit deal with the European Union.

Among personalities coming out as possible replacement for May is the flamboyant Boris Johnson who rallied behind the separation of UK from the European Union in a controversial plebiscite which saw the separation of Britain from the European Union winning by a considerable margin. Development Secretary Rory Stewart is another contender who said Sunday that he could not possibly serve in a government posts if Johnson is elected in the highest position. Apparently, Stewart says he is not keen on working with someone who is comfortable with the idea of “No Deal” when the UK leave the European Union. He complained that Boris Johnson apparently said in a private meeting weeks ago that he would not push for a “no-deal” departure but Jonhnson appears to have softened a bit on his stance. Economists and business leaders warned that a no-deal would negatively impact Britain’s economy and its European neighbor’s economies as well.

Other names coming out in a race to replace May is the former House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom and previous Brexit secretary Dominic Raab. It is noted that both are from May’s conservative party and both resigned from their cabinet posts to protest the Prime Minister May’s Brexit plans. It is expected that the next UK prime minister will be decided upon by mid or late July this year. However, it is expected that the newly elected conservative leader will be contested with a no confidence vote by the opposition Labour Party.   John McDonnell, the opposition Labour Party Spokesman told the BBC on Saturday that the party will immediately push for a no-confidence vote against the new prime minister. “We believe any incoming prime minister in these circumstances should go to the country anyway and seek a mandate” said McDonnell. 


The process to choose the new conservative leader is divided into two stages. First, there will be a series of votes among the party’s legislatures until they have named the first two top contenders. These top two names will then be submitted for a national vote by about 120,000 conservative party members. The next general election in the UK will be on 2022 unless circumstances will force the early conduct of the general election.

The winner will be the Party Leader and Prime Minister. IT is still unclear though whether UK will go for a deal or no deal when they leave the leave the European Union as the legislatures could not come to a consensus as to the contents of their Brexit plan deal.

May will remain as Prime Minister during an upcoming state visit by US President Donald Trump and the celebration of the 75th year D-DAY anniversary. The new next Prime minister will somehow have to come up with a consensus on how to exit the European Union. The UK’s Brexit to come up with a deal was again extended until October this year.