Padma Lakshmi: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Her


In an interview, Padma Lakshmi told a news site 25 things regarding herself comprising of the finest dish she makes, her desired way for hanging out with friends and more. Continue reading to find out what is happening for the Best Chef host!

1. Her first job was coaching her adjacent neighbor in math.

2. Her initial car was a copper brown Ford Pinto. She contemplated it was sorta cute.


3. A number of fans give her chutney, and she wished she could try it, however it is not known. There might be that single crazy person!

4. For her first date, she went out to a good dinner, however she doesn’t remember the date itself, hence it should not have been incredibly good!

5. Her favorite pieces of clothing are her customized 3×1 jumpsuits. She lives in them!

6. What annoys her most is when somebody arrives at a meeting and is not prepared.

7. She loves to box – regular traditional Muhammad Ali boxing.

8. Her first gig for modeling was for Spanish lifestyle magazine in college.

9. She was on Star Trek: endeavor in 2002 and was wearing an Alaïa dress that she had to rip. She felt so bad!

10. In 2001 when she was playing Sylk in Glitter, she remembers listening to Mariah Carey sing a cappella. She has a superhuman voice.

11. If she is going out with friends, she is fond of a drag queen gospel brunch.

12. The finest thing she cooks is ragout. It takes the entire day. She goes to two diverse butchers for meat of three kinds.

13.  She and her daughter love cooking together. On each other they do makeovers and burst into unplanned dance parties also.

14. Her ideal Sunday is remaining at home, dressed in pajamas and reading The New York Times.

15. The food trend she likes the least is the poke bowl.

16. Everything she does embarrasses her daughter! If she picks her up at school and she is not in complete glam, she says, she doesn’t want to see this Padma. She wants Top Chef Padma.

17. The secret to her voluminous hair is consuming lots of eggs, and utilizing Oribe texturizing spray and Keratin Complex Vita Volume foam.

18. Each time she gets an acting gig, she buys herself a piece of jewelry. She once purchased a diamond ring and everybody thought she was engaged. She still does that while signing on to a project.

19. Her all time favorite movie is The Sound of Music.

20. Her rule in the kitchen is: Ensure everything is prepared and inside reach.

21. Her second rule in the kitchen is timing. Many people stumble when their timing is not accurate.

22. She is an ordained minister in California and New York. She has married 31 couples!

23. She does not share food.

24. After a lengthy day, her favorite thing for doing is taking a hot bath.

25. She loves charities that uplift women, particularly in industries that are male-dominated.