Phillip Schofield Berates Woman Who Lied to Get A Free Nose Job


Phillip Schofield, co-presenter of ‘This Morning’ has been praised for hammering a guest who lied to get a free nose job on the NHS. Carla Bellucci, a 37-year-old mum-of-three, faked depression and said she flirted with her GP to get the cosmetic operation. She freely admits milking the system and even pretended to have breathing issues, as well as serious mental health issues, just to get a slight bump fixed. Schofield, also known as ‘The Silver Fox’, blasted Bellucci by saying “Your nose is still a bit off!”


The National Health Service, or NHS as its more commonly known as in the UK, is paid for by the tax payers, collectively, along with the government. It is designed to give everyone equal health care if they are unable to afford private benefits. It has been praised by many as it has saved countless lives and changed millions more for the better. While it has its downsides, the NHS is one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world. 


For the most part, the NHS doesn’t perform plastic surgery, unless it’s in the best interest of the patient and is needed to fix a particular health condition. In the case of Bellucci, she had no reason for the surgery, it was purely aesthetic. Therefore to get the £7,000 procedure, she lied about having breathing issues, depression, and she even admitted flirting with her GP. 

Phillip’s co-host, Holly Willoughby, even tried to reason with her moral side saying that just because it’s possible to work the system and get away with it doesn’t mean it should be done. It’s important to exercise self-control and moral respect for others. “Shouldn’t you have said that to yourself?” Willoughby says. She goes on to say that there are plenty of parents or grandparents of people who can’t afford to pay for life saving treatment for their kids and the NHS won’t fund them because of a wide range of reasons. Yet here Carla Bellucci is taking £7,000 worth of treatment at no cost to her under completely false pretences. 

The berating didn’t stop there though. Schofield said to her that she is going to get battered on social media. After the abrupt remarks, Bellucci’s face dropped. Later, Holly revealed that This Morning had received over 6000 complaints about Carla’s confession. Clearly no one agrees with her procedure. Social media did in fact blow up with fans praising Phillip Schofield for his comments and one user suggesting Bellucci should be made to pay back the money for her nose job, which would ‘make their year’.

This isn’t the first time the ex-glamour model has made headlines either. She recently news when her son was complaining about her. His friends fancy her, calling her “hot” and “fit”. When he asks his mum to cover up, she refuses. Carla is definitely one controversial woman and she doesn’t care who knows it. She even had the audacity to say all those who are slating her for the nose job as just jealous. There doesn’t seem to be any truth in that though, especially once they’ve seen it.