The Jonas Brothers sing to Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra in their first album in a decade


Happiness Begins… once more for the Jonas Brothers as they unharness their extremely anticipated 1st studio album in nearly a decade.

The album “Happiness Begins” includes singles “Sucker” and “Cool,” however extremely what the internet is burning up concerning right now are 2 lovely love ballads: one written for Sophie Turner and another that alludes to Nick Jonas’ wife, Priyanka Chopra.

Jonas Brothers fans are being impatiently waiting since Joe, Kevin and Nick titillated their reunion at the end of Feb with an Instagram post captioned, “Midnight ET #Sucker.”


The “Sucker” music video highlights the brother’s wives, who are seen trotting around an English estate. Important others prove to be a reoccurring theme in their latest album, with songs “Hesitate” and “I Believe” written regarding Turner and Chopra respectively.

“This is a vital song. I wrote it for my companion, Sophie, and it’s one in every of those love letters that you simply write to your partner saying, ‘I’ll be there regardless of what.'” Joe Jonas was aforesaid to Apple Music regarding “Hesitate.” and “I Believe” written about Turner and Chopra respectively.

“This is a very important song. I wrote it for my significant other, Sophie, and it’s one in those love letters that you just write to your partner saying, ‘I’ll be there irrespective of what.'” Joe Jonas said to Apple Music regarding “Hesitate.”

“I Believe” alludes to Nick Jonas’ windstorm romance and resultant wedding with Chopra. The combine had been qualitative dating only 2 months before Nick Jonas popped the question last July.

“And people saying that we tend to move too fast/ however I’ve been expecting a reason, aint no turning back,” Nick Jonas sings within the intro.

The album additionally represents a reunion for the brothers, who break up on negative terms in 2013. Looking back, Joe Jonas admitted it had been the proper move. “I assume it had been extremely necessary for us to require that point far from one another,” Joe Jonas said in an Apple Music interview.

Now that the trio is reunited, they’re overhauling their careers with associate Amazon documentary titled “Chasing Happiness,” that came out on June 4 and allows fans a glimpse into the brothers’ lives growing up. If you continue to haven’t gotten your fill of the Joe Bros, they’ll be coming out a global tour this summer that takes them around the US and Europe.

Their initial memoir titled “Blood” is also in the works and is slated to come out on November 12.