Top Gear’s New Trio Presenters


Lately, Top Gear, one of the most famous car shows in the world has been going through some difficulty. Following the original three presenters’, Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson, controversial leaving of the show back in 2015, ratings fell into a bit of turbulence. The banter and comedy that the original trio had has been hard to replicate and a number of presenters have tried, including Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans. However, producers believe they have found the perfect replacements and they are set to kick up a storm in the coming series. 

New Presenters

In an attempt to revive the show’s motoring glory days, the producers have recruited Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness, alongside Chris Harris. The odd pairing took viewers by surprise when it was announced last October. While Harris is a professional racing driver and self-proclaimed car geek, the comedian and cricketer weren’t an obvious choice.


The presenters themselves beleive that it could work as well though. Not only do they bring car knowledge, but they also provide humour and entertainment – something which the previous trio did effortlessly. Take Me Out host, Paddy McGuinness jumped straight into the role with plenty of comedy saying; “I actually slept with the commissioner of BBC Two”.


It seems as if the trio is going down well so far. Bouncing off one another’s remarks, the chemistry between the three is instant. Many have said that the last few years have been shambles since the Clarkson/May/Hammond era. However, a lot of people feel like this new trio is “right” and while fans believe they will never be as good the previous presenters, they are the best since their sudden departure. 

It’s not just the viewers that are liking the trio either. The new presenters have gone down a treat with the live audiences, which is seemingly important to McGuinness. “Hearing the cheer when we walked in the room was quite a nice, almost emotional moment really, because you know that everyone’s been talking about it and you feel accepted,” he says. In fact, the responses from the new series have been so good that the presenters have been offered a contract for a second series together, which all three have immediately signed up to. 


While the responses have been positive for the most part, with two northerners now leading the show, there is some worry about their accents. Cheryl Cole was famously axed from the US X Factor due to her thick accent. While most people are able to understand people with strong northern accents, some foreign viewers may not understand. The simple fix of course is to use subtitles, which some have already suggested.

Whether or not you watched the show previously, these new presenters look to be quite an interesting trio and will hopefully be able to carry the show forward for many more series to come. It’s difficult to present such a legendary show but it seems as if the new trio is up for the job. Top Gear continues!