Toy Story 4: Critics’ Response


It’s been nine years since Woody, Buzz and Jessie said goodbye to Andy and settled into their new home with Bonnie at the end of Toy Story 3. However, they’re returning this summer in what’s set to be the final movie in the Toy Story quadrilogy and there are high expectations. So what did the critics think about the finale? 


Todd McCarthy, from the The Hollywood Reporter said that the film is definitely going to be one of the summer’s blockbusters. He goes on to say that it’s one of the only film series that can legitimately claim to have hit four home runs in a row, suggesting that this latest addition to the franchise is just as good as the previous three.


Another review comes from Variety’s Peter Debruge, who said that the movie gives satisfying emotional closure to the film series, adding that the fourth movie wraps up the saga beautifully. So far, everyone seems to like the final movie a lot and it seems as if all loose ends are being tied up for the end of the franchise. He goes on to say that the film explores quite complex emotions and ideas. It looks at the idea of a toy being ignored and sees the characters question the possibility of being left without any real purpose when their owners grow up. What would it be like to be an entirely overlooked and unused toy?

The film also introduces the viewers to an additional character – Forky, who is a spork that has been given a makeover in a craft project and is in denial about the fact he’s now a toy. This is another welcome addition to the already star-studded line-up. 

Questionable Opinions 

However, it wasn’t all five-star reviews with some slating the movie. One such example would be Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian, who awarded it just three stars. When offering a reason for such a low score, he stated that he felt the new film is simply just a repeat of earlier ideas and plot lines from previous movies

That said, he did offer some consolation to fans who were shocked by his review, saying that when comparing it to the fourth films in other franchises, this one is an amusing and charming gem which is simply in a different league. He goes on to say that it is a sprightly, sweet-nature film that shows how accustomed viewers have come to animation standards that were once revolutionary just ten years ago.

Chris Hunneysett, writing in The Mirror, said that Toy Story is a fresh face given the slew of superhero films that are currently hitting cinemas. “With cinema being dominated by universe-smashing superheroes, Toy Story’s sweet brand of wholesome and slightly scary fun seems almost quaint, but as a parent it’s great to have a film which offers more gentle and almost innocent pleasures”. It seems as if this film is approved of by many for it’s originality and difference to the films of today’s day and age.