Treasure hunters search for millions of dollars buried in the rocky mountains


Before dying, the fine art collector Forrest Fenn decided that he would leave millions of dollars worth of fine art buried in a treasure chest somewhere in the wilderness. After being diagnosed with kidney cancer, the former air force veteran decided to bury much of his wealth – and leave those who want to find it only with a cryptic poem that gives clues about its whereabouts. Full of gold coins and priceless art treasures, Forrest Fenn’s treasure, buried in a large bronze chest, is said to be worth five million dollars. Many people have spent a lot of time and money looking for it. Some people have even died in the wilderness while looking for Forrest Fenn’s buried treasure.

To those who have spent countless hours and dollars on a search that has not succeeded so far, it is a great adventure that is worth the risk of ending up with nothing in the end.After being laid off from her job in 2015, Cynthia Meachum, nearing retirement anyway, was excited by the opportunity to search the rocky mountains for treasure full time. She takes her quest seriously, converting a library in her New Mexico home into a room full of maps and notebooks. Meachum has a website,, and interacts with many treasure hunters in many countries. Using the clues given away in Fenn’s poem, she has narrowed down the location of the treasure to a few small areas.

The chase can become expensive, Meachum spent $10,000 on it during the first year after she retired. Meachum, however, has begun to profit from the pursuit before finding the treasure, publishing the book The Thrill of the Chase and appearing on the TODAY show to talk about her adventure.


The treasure hunt is famous and well known, to the extent that hundreds of thousands of people have spent at least some time looking for the treasure. To those who live near the rocky mountains, it is cheap to participate. The poem can be read online for free, and if one believes they have solved the riddle, one can spend a single day or a single weekend hiking out into the wilderness and looking for the treasure. Could the treasure chest be a hoax? It is certainly not widely considered to be, but there are a few who doubt that it exists.

Do some people take the treasure hunt too far, and spend more time and money than they can afford on the search for a box that they will never find? Indeed, it seems that the story has a dark side and that some people have allowed it to become a destructive obsession. Some people have lost their savings, marriages, and even lives to the chase. It is a game where there can only be one winner, and that sense of urgency compels people to make dozens or hundreds of trips to the wilderness. As well as money, there is fame and respect to be won. Those involved in the treasure hunt do not like to focus on its dark side. Instead, they talk about how it has reunited lost relatives and been a lot of fun for those involved. People, after all, spend lots of time and money on expensive thrills. The treasure hunt brings adventure to the lives of ordinary people.