Trump claims oil tanker attack has Iran ‘written all over it’: Here’s what we know


United States President Donald Trump announced on Friday that a strange attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman had Iran “written all over it” rejecting Tehran’s denial that they had any involvement in it. US Secretary Mike Pompeo held a press conference on Thursday in which he accused Iran’s involvement in the attacks which Iran has dismissed. No one has taken responsibility yet. As United States and Iranian tensions rise high President Donald Trump dismissed previous threats by Tehran.”Iran did do it” Donald Trump told Fox News. “You know they did it because you saw the boat. I guess one of the mines didn’t explode and it’s probably got essentially Iran written all over it.” “You saw the boat at night successfully trying to take the mine off and that was exposed” United States President Donald Trump added.

Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted that the United States was jumping to allegations against Tehran. He claimed the United States finger pointing is part of a “Plan B” to “sabotage diplomacy” and “cover up it’s economic terrorism against Iran.” In a statement from it’s UN mission via The Associated Press Iran blamed the United States for causing more disagreement between the two countries.

The statement reads as follows “The U.S economic war and terrorism against the Iranian people as well as it’s massive military presence in the region have been and continue to be the main sources of insecurity and instability in the wider Persian Gulf region and the most significant threat to its peace and security.” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an independent investigation. “It’s very important to know the truth. It’s very important that responsibilities are clarified” Guterres told reporters at UN headquarters in New York.


In Britain, foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt called the attacks “deeply worrying.” Hunt told a radio station on Friday that now Britain is leaning about the same assessment as the United States but will still perform an investigation of it’s own. “We have no reason not to believe the American assessment and our instinct is to believe it because they are our closest ally and we are very worried about the situation in Iran because, at the moment, both sides in this dispute think that the other side doesn’t want war” foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said. Iran has repeatedly warned in the past that it could block the Hormuz Strait as a counteract to any attack by the United States.

“It’s not going to be closed, it’s not going to be closed for long and they know it. They’ve been told in very strong terms,” United States President Donald Trump said.Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid al-Falih said the kingdom was monitoring the situation with “great concern” and called for action to secure maritime traffic, the Saudi SPA news agency said. Saudi Arabia is a close United States ally and a harsh regional rival of Iran. A European Union spokesperson said in a statement to CNN that “As we assess the situation our call is again to show maximum restraint and to avoid escalation and provocations.”