Trump lashes out at Pelosi over prison comment


President Donald Trump criticized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this past Thursday for comments she made about him in the press recently. Trump reacted to the comments Pelosi said pertaining to the opinion that Pelosi would rather see Trump in prison than be impeached.

Trump made his opinion of Pelosi and her comments known in a Fox News interview. In the interview, Trump was asked about the comments, which was reported by the news outlet Politico. Trump responded harshly concerning Pelosi, calling her a horrible and nasty person with vindictive qualities.

Pelosi told Democratic Party members who desire the impeachment of Trump that they should want Trump in prison rather than being impeached. These comments were first reported by Politico. Spokeswoman for Pelosi Ashley Etienne said that there was no confirmation of the comments made by Pelosi.


In the interview, Trump revealed that he does not think Pelosi has any talent in regard to her position in government. Trump also claimed that he has made many efforts to try to be nice and get along with Pelosi. Trump said he wanted to be nice and professional towards Pelosi in order to work with her and get some deals done politically. Despite his efforts, Trump claimed that Pelosi was not capable of working with him and getting deals done.

The office of Pelosi declined to comment regarding the interview of Trump with Fox News.

Trump’s interview took place on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Battle of D-Day in World War Two while Trump was visiting the Normandy American Cemetery in France. Many American soldiers who were killed in World War Two are buried at this cemetery.

This is not the first time Trump has referred to a woman as a nasty person recently. Trump referred to Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, as nasty as well in recent news.

Trump told a British reporter that he was unaware how nasty Markle was regarding comments she made about him during his 2016 presidential run. Trump later clarified that he meant Markle was saying nasty things about him, rather than calling her a nasty person.

Trump has made numerous comments referring to many women as nasty. He typically refers to these women as nasty when they make comments that anger him or are negative towards him. Some other woman he has referred to as nasty include Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren.

Trump’s interview on Thursday was the first time he was asked about the remark. The question led to a long rant from Trump as the ceremony honoring the veterans who fought in D-Day went on in the background.

Trump went onto say Pelosi is a terrible person and a disaster for the United States. He also referred to Pelosi as “Nervous Nancy” because he claims she is constantly nervous and unreliable.

Lastly, Trump told reporters that Pelosi should focus on her own district in California. Trump claimed there are many drug addicts in her district, needles everywhere, and people living in the streets.