What do you miss most about being a kid?


Wendy: Thinking there would always be someone there to hold your hand and keep you steady as you walked this journey.

Wayne: Not having to pay bills. You can have almost a carefree life knowing that you had parents to keep a roof over your head. I’m not saying that was always the case when I was a kid, but looking at most kids with great parents that have good jobs and careers, most kids have everything given to them.


Joy: The innocence of life. Kids live more in the moment. I work to do that now. It’s so natural when you are a kid.

Robert: The sense of wonder in the little things like the first time looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Amy: I miss spinning in circles for hours, jumping off swings, and feeling the mud squish between my toes playing after a good rain. I guess I miss the feeling of being carefree and not having the weight of life on my shoulders.

Jaxon: I’m still a kid, but I miss being a little kid because I miss not having to go to school.

Andrea: Not paying bills.

Scout and Bear: We miss being wild and free. We miss the sense of wonderment and curiosity about the whole world. We miss running through the woods, building forts, and being fearless. We miss the endless opportunities of where life could take you as a kid. We miss the simplicity of life. Imagine a world where we all found that childlike joy, sense of wonderment, and didn’t stop chasing our dreams. It would be a much happier place.

Renee: Not having to purchase or stock the unlimited supply of freeze pops in the freezer.

Trinity: I miss my family and cousins. I come from a large group with plenty of relatives.

Matt: Being able to live life without having to do things like paying bills.