Woman’s incredibly sweet gesture for neighbour has left people tearing up


Woman Is Shocked by Neighbours Act of Kindness

With all the technology these days, it’s increasingly rare to send letters, notes, or even just talk to someone face to face. For most people, it’s easier just to send a text message or as the kids say – “slide into the DM’s”. However, there are still some people who like to send handwritten letters, just like one woman did to her neighbour and it was very special indeed. 

Karen was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when her neighbour, Jean, popped an envelope through her letterbox. It’s not often you see anyone post a handwritten letter these days, especially out of choice rather than necessity. As you can see from the image above, the note was about the woman’s cat. Alongside the note in the envelope was a picture of the cat, Chips, sitting on a windowsill. The note read “For you, your lovely cat, I always look for him. Jean”. It doesn’t take a genius to realise how much of a nice gesture this is and will warm even the coldest of hearts. 



The 38-year-old immediately took to twitter with a photograph of both the picture and note. She wrote in the tweet that an old lady had taken a photo of her cat, Chips, went to the trouble of getting it developed and then put it in her letterbox in the morning. It’s needless to say that the responses from her tweet were amazing and the post soon went viral. Currently it has more than 241,000 likes and over 26,000 retweets. 

Plenty of people commented on the post too. With over 1,400 comments, it’s difficult to pick the best ones. They’re all filled with lovely comments and remarks saying how much of a lovely thing it was for Jean to do. Many of the comments even said that seeing it made them a bit teary. One in particular said that their Nan was called Jean and the post reminded them of her as it was exactly the same thing that she would have done, including putting the date on the back. It’s clear that Karen’s post and Jean’s act of kindness has inspired many and warmed the hearts of even more. So many have been touched by this lovely elderly woman and will continue to be going into the future.

As the story unfolded even further, it just kept getting even better. Karen eventually explained that sh had been having a bit of bad week so far. However, Jean’s random act of kindness had really made her feel better and bumped her mood up. Such a small, thoughtful gesture can have such a huge impact on someone. Later on, she discovered someone else who lives on their street had showed Jean all the comments on Twitter. She was absolutely thrilled that so many people had liked her photograph of Chips so it wasn’t just Karen that had been affected. After the photograph went viral, it is reported that Jean has been formally invited to go and meet Chips properly whenever she wants to. 

It’s amazing what makes people so happy. Just a small, act such as writing a letter and posting a photograph can have a huge impact on so many people, as demonstrated by the tweet. Not only did it make Karen extremely happy but it also touched hundreds, if not thousands of people all over the Internet. Maybe we should start being a littler nicer to one another instead of always being so shallow and immature. Perhaps the world would be a better place!