Women Left Infertile After Surgeon Removed Wrong Fallopian Tube


Bringing new life into the world is a special experience for everyone, especially a mother. Having carried a baby for nine months while it grew, there is no better feeling than finally seeing the child, making it all worth it, and then some. However, no ones perfect and sometimes, things can go wrong. That said, thanks to the medicine and technology we have today, as well as the detailed understanding of the human reproductive system, a lot of the time, any complications can be solved relatively easily. This however, is not one of those times. A woman who suffered an ectopic pregnancy is now unable to have children after a botched operation when a surgeon removed her healthy fallopian tube by mistake, rather than the blocked one. 

In March of last year, Chelsie Thomas was admitted to Walsall Manor Hospital where her ectopic pregnancy was discovered after she experienced bleeding. She had worked at the hospital as a healthcare assistant for nine years so she was able to get it looked at as soon as possible. On March 7th 2018, her ectopic pregnancy was found in her right tube. Surgeons were able to operate the same day. 

However, not everything went to plan. During the operation, the surgeon accidentally removed the left fallopian tube instead of the right, which 27-year-old Chelsie said has “destroyed everything”. While the hospital has apologised and admitted an error was regrettably made, this doesn’t change the fact that she can no longer have children. 


The worst part is that Ms Thomas had even told the surgeon that the scan showed the pregnancy in her right tube. She was simply dismissed and the surgeon replied with “I’m a doctor, you should trust me”. Clearly, that was a big mistake. A week later, she was still in unbearable pain, so she decided to return to hospital where the mistake was finally uncovered. No amount of apologising can reverse this blunder though and to ease the pain, her remaining Fallopian tube had to be removed. Therefore, Ms Thomas is now unable to have any more children without IVF treatment, which isn’t guaranteed to work and is extremely expensive. 

What is an ectopic pregnancy? 

Most people would be forgiven for not having heard of the term ectopic pregnancy. So, what actually is it? Well, an ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised egg implants itself outside of the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes. If the egg gets stuck there, then it will not develop into a baby and it could also be quite dangerous for the mother if the pregnancy continues, so it’s important to get it out as quickly as possible. It has been estimated that on average, around 11,000 pregnancies every year is ectopic, which equates to about 1 in every 90 pregnancies.

This has affected Ms Thomas greatly, more than anyone could imagine. Not only can she not have any more kids, she said her relationship with her partner has broken down as a result of the surgery and she has also lost her job and is on anti-depressants. Furthermore, she said she has had to explain to her six-year-old son, Riley, that he will never have any brothers or sisters. No mother should ever have to do that, especially due to a situation that could have been avoided.