Xi in North Korea Kim hails ‘invincible’ ties with China


North Korea welcomed it’s ties with the significant ally China on Friday. Chinese president Xi Jinping wrapped up a two day visit to his nuclear armed neighbour which ends in friday. Both countries are facing no progress in their discussions with United States President Donald Trump. North Korea has a dispute with United States over nuclear weapons and China has dispute over trade.

Kim Jong Un told the Chinese president Xi Jinping that his visit was a chance to show “the immutability and invincibility of the DPRK (North Korea’s official name) and China friendship before the world.” Pyongyang make a very great effort to welcome Chinese president Xi Jinping, the first Chinese president to visit in 14 years In that period Pyongyang has carried out five nuclear tests and launched missiles which is capable of reaching the entire US mainland.Kim Jong Un and Xi Jinping rode together through the streets of Pyongyang in an open topped Mercedes Benz and on Thursday evening Xi Jinping and his escorts were invited to a special performance of the North’s Mass Games.

Mr Xi Jinping was regarded with great respect with a special performance of North Korea’s mass Games, featuring tens of thousands of people represent scenes from Korean culture and history with same movements. Performers turned the coloured pages of books in sequence to create giant images from one side of the stadium that includes images of Chinese Korean history and friendship on the Thousands of children were turning the pages of coloured books and slogans were sung include “I love thee China” and a portrait of Xi Jinping.


China always prefers to be stable in it’s neighbourhood and the North’s nuclear provocations made tensions in the relationship between the Cold War allies. Jeung Young-tae the director of the Institute of North Korean Studies in Seoul said “the summit amounted to China giving Kim Jong Un strong backing in the process. Xi Jinping is saying that he will
help Kim Jong Un resist pressure from the United States and calling on Kim to stick to his demands.” Thursday’s meeting was the first between the two leaders since the summit held by Mr Kim Jong Un and United States President Donald Trump ended in February without any proper agreement on denuclearisation.

Beijing sent millions of troops known as Chinese People’s Volunteers to save the North from defeat during the Korean War and Mao Zedong mentioned their relations as “close as lips and teeth.” Analysts say Xi Jinping who left Pyongyang on Friday intended to use the trip as a signal to Trump of his influence with Kim a week before the G20 summit in Japan.”North Korea’s economy is struggling under the international sanctions regime because of it’s repeated nuclear and missile tests. For North Korea the summit was an chance to show it has still China’s support in spite of almost complete international isolation. China’s main goal for the talks in Pyongyang was stability in North Korea and economic co operation and ensuring that it remains a remarkable party in the discussion aimed at reaching an agreement over North Korea’s nuclear programme.